Cleaning Services

"We are extremely pleased with not only the quality of the cleaning but the cleanliness in the room after the cleaning.  Thank your staff for their attention to detail and the clean-up after the job was completed... Very good job!!!!"  


"We currently have no need for cleaning, perhaps next time. We truly had excellent service the last time and look forward to it again some time."  


"We are very happy with the service. We will keep your information and just contact SRS the next time the sterilizers need to be cleaned. I will also mention to the OR Manager so that he can have their ... sterilizers cleaned. We tried someone else and came back to SRS."   


"SRS Team  Job well done thanks. Sterilizer chambers look like new."  


"I just wanted to let you know that the team you sent to clean our two autoclaves did an excellent job. I appreciate it. Thank you very much." 


"Once again the maintenance done on our autoclaves is perfect. Great job! Thank you so much for the wonderful work."  


Specialized baskets:   "We purchased and received ... stainless washer baskets made for us last December.  They are very nice and I would like to order ... more."  

M. F.

E-Z Roll Wheels:    "I've just replace all the wheels on our carts with EZ Rolls, and I can't believe we've been struggling for so long with bad wheels..The carts can now be pushed in wiht one finger (okay, maybe two) and the staff are no longer complaining about the strain on their shoulders.  thanks for a great product! "  


On reconditioned loading cars:   "These are working great and are of much better quality that the originals. Thanks"  

G. B.

Why Clean Your Sterilizer?

Since sterilizer chambers are subject to a build-up of surface contamination from detergents, wrapper chemicals, boiler chemicals, oxidation, stickers and autoclave tape, they can become less efficient and result in the need to re-sterilizer materials.

With increasing regulatory attention by such agencies as the CDC, JCAHO, FDA, DPH,, and AAMI, to reduce HAI, more attention is being paid to the sterilizers effectiveness, making the requirement for an advanced and effective chamber cleaning process a necessity. Furthermore, rising hospital costs are being offset by tighter budgets, so another benefit to proper professional chamber cleaning, is that it can virtually eliminate wet packs thereby reducing both labor and utility costs to re-sterilize the materials.

Why Use The SRS Proprietary Chamber Polishing Process?

Unlike SRS, other chamber cleaning companies use a glass-beaded cleaning process which either results in a rough and porous surface that allows the steam vapor and impurities to build up on the chamber surface and oxidation to form. The long-term problems with this method are:

Another process used by some companies is a chemical cleaning which results in their fumes being potentially hazardous, and disposing of the material very difficult.

Both cleaning processes above are short-term solutions, and usually, the chamber surface is re-oxidized and needs re-cleaning within 3-6 months.

The SRS chamber cleaning method, learned over more than 25-years, is our proprietary clean and polishes process. Using custom-designed tools, a custom designed portable “clean room tent” to insure that the work area is kept clean from debris, SRS factory trained technicians hand polish the sterilizer chamber, door(s), and end ring to a smooth surface, leaving a chamber that is considerably easier to maintain.

Life Science Sterilizers:

SRS cleans most sterilizers used for the Life Science Industry.

Preventive Maintenance Agreements (PMA):

To better insure that a facility is prepared to meet the various agency requirements for infection control, SRS offers a "peace of mind PMA" contract that can be tailored to the facilities needs.